I was hurled into the world of writing a number of years ago when a personal family tragedy compelled me to try and express my thoughts on paper. This started me down a path of writing almost constantly. A few book projects, some short story contests, a writers collective. During the surge of these projects, I have found myself inundated with ideas that scream to get out. Since there is no more room on my “to-write” list, I have taken the ones that seem like I could do the most briefly and put them here.

Some of them are better than others. I write short fictions, not totally encapsulated, often just a wild “what if” scenario. I also write short pieces. What are they? Somewhere between a newspaper opinion piece, poorly researched sociology paper, and journal entry. I don’t take myself too seriously though I do reflect with some seriousness on certain subjects. The point is to get my point out quickly, at least that is the value to me. I want to become a better writer by writing more often; I want to see if anyone else likes what I have going on too.

I live in Midtown, Toronto. I’m a Christian. I work in the church, a downtown aid organization, I teach, I do conferences, of course I write quite a lot now. I have a dog that I take for a lot of walks – she doesn’t think enough. I love sports, watching and playing; mostly watching now if I’m being honest (I’ll try not to write about that). The truth is, I’ve always been a math/science/engineering guy. I backed into writing. This is my first foray into the arts really, but I must admit there are some exceptions: I like musicals and plays, I don’t understand ballet, I’m neutral on operas. Anyway, here is where I’ll try to unleash this writing beast; or maybe leashing it is a better analogy. Either way, I’ll try not to let it be too beastly. I hope you like it, but I’m not sorry if you don’t.